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With its new generation air-conditioning devices in its wide product portfolio, the brand's product portfolio is constantly renewed with its R&D studies aimed at meeting the new demands emerging in the rapidly changing and developing world.

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Kurluk, which manages its operations from its headquarters built on an area of 16.000m2 in Adana, is proud to be a brand that offers solutions to every point of Turkey in a short time with its regional directorates, especially in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya,

You need to keep the light in the foreground. Because even though the air conditioner provides maximum benefit in cooling, an air conditioner that does not perform well in terms of energy efficiency means a serious electricity bill price for you. In addition, the lack of air conditioning preference that burns less can cause serious environmental damage. It is very important that you prefer an energy efficient air conditioner both for the future generations to live in a healthier nature and for your budget not to be harmed. Moreover, this eliminates the need to deal with a problem like how much the air conditioner burns every month. Is the Air Conditioner Brand Important in Air Conditioner Selection? fujiplus; Although it offers a very serious variety in air conditioner models, there is uncertainty about which air conditioner model individuals will prefer when purchasing air conditioners. Although the brand is not at the forefront when purchasing air conditioners, the after-sales support and warranty period offered by the brand is seriously important. Therefore, FujiPlus; It proves that it is not an ordinary air conditioner brand with its pre and after sales support services. How Is Air Conditioning Prices Determined? If you want to buy air conditioners with FujiPlus quality, a serious variety is waiting for you in terms of air conditioning prices. FujiPlus, which offers you great solutions for heating / cooling the interior by meeting all kinds of demands, brings you the most suitable options for air conditioning prices and models. FujiPlus, which operates in the air conditioning sector with the aim of being one of the leading brands of the world; It proves that you are considering its valued customers by offering the most suitable air conditioner prices. How Do We Choose The Right Air Conditioner For Our Health? The fact that there is very serious misinformation among individuals about the use of air conditioning causes the spread of false statements such as the use of air conditioning is harmful. The realization of the right applications during the use of air conditioner prevents any damage to the air conditioner and provides serious advantages in protecting your health. As FujiPlus, we bring you great solutions with air conditioning options that will protect both your health and your budget. FujiPlus helps you choose air conditioners that will positively affect your health; In addition to adjusting the ambient temperature, it also offers you air conditioners that provide facilities such as improving air quality, reducing the amount of dust and humidifying the air. Having an air conditioner with FujiPlus quality and privileges makes your life easier!

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